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About us

We created an international unique platform that helps with purchases, sales, services or networking by allowing real-time commercial trading. The platform is the result of many years of planning, development and design emanating from a most laudable business concept researched as long ago as 2006. 

We believe that by providing all the necessary tools and excellent service, it helps to manage and grow a business. With its generous, multi-faceted reward and discount system, we intend to remain at the forefront of innovative e-commerce in order to turn dreams into a reality.

Mission and Vision

We aim to expand a worldwide Sellers community through the rewarding business model which has been designed to support businesses and individuals by providing all e-commerce tools, by helping them to grow and focus by giving a great experience to the customers.

Business Ethics 

In every country, e-commerce business ethics could be different. However, some of them uniting us and we encourage to retain them. Honesty, transparency, accountability to the client, authenticity, reliability, trustworthiness - are a business basis. To be respectful, stay true to the values and give consumers excellent service it’s our ‘duty’ as Sellers.

We don’t just seek to improve wellbeing but also fighting financial poverty with an implemented rewarded scheme. 

As we support businesses, we also committed to contributing some of sales profits and partnership fees to charitable organisations.

Unique Business Plan

Every person has an interest in good deals, quality and service. Therefore it was devised a beneficially unique and innovative Partnership Plan, which does not foster competitive hostility and does not demand any investment  (Watch Video). 

Many people join as a Partner “Free” with no Registration Fee to pay (one-off SSL certificate minimum fee apply), no investment in products but soon enjoying the huge discounts and commissions which can be earned by developing business and not be depending on others success. 

Becoming serious about the business potential and progress, there is a possibility to join a Partner “Professional” with unlimited access to discounts on thousands of products as well as the ability to earn a passive income.